What are our prices?

What are our prices?

In order to be able to support you with all questions of the everyday madness or also with special occasions, in order to take over whole tasks from you or to stand also only advisory to the side, we summarized our services in a “basis” time package.

This includes 12 hours, which means one hour per month (or all at once) that we can be on duty for you. The hours are valid for one year.

What can be done with 12 hours?

With these hours you can e.g. take care of bureaucratic registrations, or help with the search for an apartment. However, we do not want to commit ourselves to the topics at this point, you decide which request we may take care of for you, from us also around your Insta account…
Ultimately, it always depends on how long we need, whether we work together on something, or whether we should do something completely for you.

If the 12 hours are not enough – no problem.
Because there it would be again the “prepaid card”, then you simply load new time credit on your customer account with us.

By the way, don’t worry, we don’t need a whole hour for an apartment cancellation, we are quick and only deduct the time that we have actually used.

With us there is no other time calculation because you are a professional football player – sometimes you hear the strangest things… 😉

Club or agency

You want to book behind sports for your club or agency? No problem.

For you we have put together a few more hours, but this time cloud can be used freely by your players for their needs – according to your specifications. You decide which (timeintensive) topics may be processed.

Just contact us or send us a message: