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Ok, what is behind sports all about?

Imagine, there is a new contract, once again a change of location, and all within 2 weeks. You have to terminate your old apartment, find a new one and organise a move. These are the kind of things we can help you with or take care of for you.
We will end your lease and help you find a new apartment. The leasing contract for your car is about to expire? We will take care of it and find attractive offers for a new car if needed. Are you unsure about your tax return or do you need a financial and insurance check? We will find the right solutions.
It is our concern that your focus can remain on the sport and we take care of the rest. You decide whether you just need some guidance, someone to arrange things for you or one to carry out everything.

Why plans with a fixed number of hours

Because it is the most transparent way to charge for our services. Some of your requests may be simpler, others more complicated. This way only what is actually used is deducted – just as with a prepaid card.
But please note, external service providers that we commission for you (of course only after prior consultation with you!) are not covered by the costs for our plans – they are charged extra.

Do you only work for football players?

No, of course not, anyone can book our services.

What is covered/included?

As much as possible. Taking care of and organising various matters of daily life and administrative tasks: Child benefits, car leasing, house hunting, organising moves, managing real estate, registering pets, …..(to be continued).
However, please bear in mind that some requests may incur additional costs, e.g. if you need a craftsman, consult a lawyer or hire a moving company. These costs are not covered by our plans.