On this page we would like to introduce the people and companies we especially like to work with. Because they are especially nice and/or especially good 😉


Unosana is, like us, a relatively young company and is run by three people who have been professionally applying their knowledge in competitive sports and medicine for years.

Verena, is trained in holistic nutrition therapy, her nutritional concepts and performance analysis serve to optimize the performance of sports professionals.

Dietmar and René were themselves competitive athletes and accompany their clients in the field of personal and mental coaching.

Your goal – with system to individual peak performance.

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Bayertz Consulting

Cars are his passion. Markus has been working as an independent entrepreneur for over 10 years, advising companies and brokering cars from all manufacturers. Whether leasing, financing or buying: Markus offers top conditions and absolutely reliable and personal process support.

“As a former competitive athlete I know your needs and will help you competently and unbureaucratically. “

First Medical Contact

Freshly started in Kaiserslautern but already an old professional in health management: Leonie and Dirk have worked for 1. FC Köln, 1. FC Kaiserslautern, Vfl Wolfsburg and looked after the German national women’s soccer team.

So their focus is clear – individual improvement of athletes, especially footballers and golfers. With them you are in good hands through dedicated, individual care, a top-equipped practice and super regeneration opportunities.

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