Who we are!

How did behind sports come about?

This is a relatively pragmatic story:
A friend of Jasmin’s was a professional volleyball player and had worked as a financial coach for many years. He was often asked for help in addition to financial questions. He listened, gave advice, and helped.
As a pedagogue, helping is in Jasmin’s blood. And as a “player woman”, she knows exactly where the problems arise for many professionals.
Joint discussions showed that there was a need for professional support “off the pitch”.
The idea was born: behind sports.
A company that supports you, that can be your unbureaucratic contact point, that makes your life easier, so that you have time for the really important things in life. Be able to be your partner apart from the sport.

Your partner off the field.



Jasmin is the guiding hand at behind sports. As an educator and sports scientist, she has worked for several professional football clubs in the past.

Jasmin is married to a professional football player and a mum of three (2 children, 1 dog ;-).


Daniel is the Rhinelander in the group. He is our man with handicraft roots who then decided to quit his job to become his own boss and cultivate his entrepreneurial spirit.
In his leisure time he is a passionated FC Cologne fan and chairman of a carnival club. He likes to shout “Alaaf” together with his wife and three children.


Age before beauty? With Toni, both is possible. When you look at him you wouldn’t think that he has 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur. His passion for sport is probably to blame.
Outside the world of finance, Toni is a husband and father of twin girls.